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December 2013

Added to list.


March 2013 Rev. 7 March. 2013 Added more than just introductory place holder text to site opened 28 Feb. 2013. Detour through Blog-TWCAdirector is intentional. Opened 28 Feb. 2013 with statement of purpose header. More is in review to be added soon. Opened 28 Feb. 2013 with text to be added soon.


FEBRUARY 2013 Revised 2 Feb.2013 by adding bulk of current content. Page opened on 1 February 2013 Rev. 19 DEC 2012 Added AHigherPower.htm link / 3 & 5 March 2013 Images, labels,typo. 13 Feb.2013 note Announcing future FRONT DOOR EXERCISE link Revised 13 Feb..2013 by adding "Having as many physical Gregorian calendars . . ."


Page Rev.13 December 2013